Failsworth Millinery 2015 Spring / Summer Collection

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Failsworth Millinery 2015 Spring / Summer Collection
The 2015 Spring / Summer Collection from this famous UK Millinery House. The collection offers an impressive range of events hats, headpieces, fascinators and matching bags in a wide variety of this season's colours. Please click on the colours or items below to find out more.

Delivery Information: Items that are in stock will be delivered under our usual delivery terms. Items that we don't currently have in stock can no longer be ordered in from Failsworth Millinery - please see the latest Collections.

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Failsworth Millinery 2015 Spring / Summer Collection Product Gallery (clickable)

Items listed above are available in a variety of colours, please click on the images above for more details

Full Range of Colours Available: (click below to see which items are available in each colour)

TulipHibiscusFuchsiaCrocusCoralSalmonBlossomNudeLilacSunshineWhiteNavyIndigoCobaltDamsonDewberryKingfisherCornflowerBaby BlueAppleLimeIvoryBlackFossilCinderDoveSteelLunarCarbon-SilverIvory-SilverWhite-SilverPebbleOatmealBaby Blue & CornflowerBlack & BlossomBlack & CoralBlack & DoveBlack & FuchsiaBlack & IvoryBlack & TulipBlack & WhiteBlossom & BlackCinder & NudeCobalt & BlackCoral & FuchsiaCornflower & Baby BlueCrocus & BlackCrocus & DewberryDamson & CrocusDamson & FuchsiaDewberry & CrocusDove & BlackDove & IvoryDove & KingfisherDove & WhiteFuchsia & BlackFuchsia & CoralHibiscus & BlackIvory & BlackIvory & NavyKingfisher & BlackLime & BlackLunar & BlackLunar & SteelNavy & IvoryNavy & WhiteNude & CinderNude & IvoryNude & WhiteOatmeal & BlackPebble & BlackSteel & BlackSteel & LunarSunshine & BlackTulip & BlackWhite & BlackWhite & Navy

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